Our Clients

8th August 2000

Reg has been engaged by my company on many occasions during the last 9 months as a practicing Arborist. Upon arrival in New Zealand he used his resourcefulness to make himself known to Arboricultural Companies within the Greater Auckland area. He mentioned his English training and work experience in Australia during the previous 10 years.

Because of his vast practical tree knowledge, I was happy to employ Reg. It became apparent from day one that he possessed skill of an exceptionally high standard that he was willing to pass on to others. The level of proficiency and expertise to which he executed his activities, in all forms of Arboriculture were quickly recognised. As a result I still engage Reg but more as in a training role because the skills that he is able to impart are not to be gained from any training or organization in Auckland.

To gain my qualification, studies needed to be undertaken in Hamilton with the Waikato Polytechnic. But it is my humble opinion that they are not able to offer the same level of training and instruction that Reg is able and willing to offer in a safe working environment. I conclude by saying that I will continue to offer to fellow Arborists the professional services of Reg Coates as a Practicing Arborist, but more beneficially as an instructor in the various aspects of safe Arboricultural Practice.

Mark Corbett
Heartwood Trees Ltd


July 2000

In early 1999 the attributes of Reg Coates came to my notice, and after contacting him have used his expertise in an ongoing casual manner. On these occasions I have found his attitude, work ethic and conscientiousness to be exemplary. I would be greatly please to continue to use his services in the future.

Roger Leigh
R. & S.M. LEIGH Ltd


7th October 2002

Over the past few years we have employed Reg Coates to carry out a range of tree work….including, reduction and raising canopies, removing deadwood and felling. We are shortly to employ him in fixing a ‘Cobra’ bracing system to one of our mature beech trees.

As a National Trust Garden, Dunham Massey contains a large number of native and exotic trees with an important under-storey of herbaceous and woody plants. Care is therefore required when gaining access to limbing and felling trees here. Also, because of the large number of visitors we have here, Health and Safety has to be of the highest priority.

The work has, without exception, been of the very highest standard. Reg is very safety conscious, considers the wider implications of his work….and works cleanly, quickly and efficiently. He has always been considerate in keeping to agreed work plans and time schedules. I have no hesitation in recommending Reg Coates both in terms of character and performance.

Graham Kendal
Head Gardener
Dunham Massey Hall


14th September 2015

Reg Coates did a wonderful job cutting down our 65 ft Deodora cedar and a pine tree. He was very professional, careful with all the plants in our garden & everything was nicely cleaned up afterwards. How he climbs that high I’ll never know! His price was very reasonable as well. We would recommend his work to anyone.

Sue S
Boulderwood Drive
Victoria BC